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Rustling Miracle: an unusual use of foil in the kitchen

About foil it is known that it perfectly keeps the temperature and is relatively inexpensive. If you used it before only for baking and wrapping hot dishes, hurry up to update your stocks. Foil can greatly facilitate cooking, which means you will spend it more! It is easy to eat ice cream in briquettes. It is no longer necessary to take a spoon, so that the delicacy does not melt in your hands.
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Ideas by which a bathroom can become a small oasis of relaxation

Who said that the bath can not be stylish? Well, yes, this is a small space, which most often we make extremely practical, but this should not prevent you from making it fashionable and stylish. And, thanks to the decoration, a simple bathroom can become your little oasis of relaxation, where you can enjoy the relaxing techniques of a warm bath after a hard day’s work.
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First aid if something is stuck in the throat - Heimlich's reception

Accepting Heimlich is an emergency method used to remove foreign objects in the airways. Reception of Heimlich is used in cases where a person cannot breathe as a result of contact with such objects in the respiratory tract. Oxygen starvation from a foreign body with airway obstruction can lead to irreversible brain damage or death within four minutes or less.
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Sausage in potato uniform - simply and incredibly tasty

We offer you a recipe for an excellent dish. Sausages in potato uniform, of course, very tasty, when hot, as they say, with the heat of the heat, but, nevertheless, they do not lose their taste and after cooling. Therefore, sausages in potato dough can safely take with you to work or school, put as a snack to the child in school.
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Knitted crocheted carpets from the cord.

We have repeatedly met the image of magnificent carpets, connected according to the schemes of napkins. And finally, the editorial office found the description of this work with her own hands, and the author of the blog, Olga Smirnova, also added schemes to it. Now you can safely get to work, having the desire and materials in your arsenal. "The work was done by Any Field's needlewoman, who knits delicious crochet rugs from a cord.
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Needlewomen make creative accessories from simple material

Disposable dishes can help us out in a situation where it is not possible to thoroughly wash everything. That's just throwing the plastic that served you is not at all necessary. And if such objects are not suitable for re-use for the intended purpose for reasons of hygiene, no one bothers you to use them for making original handicrafts.
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