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Haven't a hairdresser? Then 16 photos will make you do it!

There is such an opinion among the people: if a woman is not doing well in life, she goes to a hairdresser. We hope that everything is in order in your life and going to the hairdresser’s only if you need to make yourself a fantastically beautiful hairstyle! The following 16 photos will surely make you call and sign up to your master after viewing!
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For the House and Cottages

The easiest way to remove rust

Some things are so dear to us. For example, old metal dishes, in which it is so convenient to cook. Unfortunately, rust does not allow the use of dishes for its intended purpose. But before you take your favorite pots or pans to the trash, try this easy way. Perhaps the favorite thing can be saved.
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Wailing super charming fur seals

Makes them famous Japanese master on felting Hayasaka Nobuya. Seals, which she rolls of wool, received the general name Woonya (wool - wool, Nyanko - cat). Their feature in a small size and without a face. But just look - the character of each is obvious (or rather, on the face)! Hayasaka can also make a copy of your pet 😉 This is how one of the work stages looks like.
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The master

Master class: how to make roman blinds with your own hands

Roman blinds are a popular trend, which every day wins more and more fans. What are they so attracted to? The fact that they look stylish, are compact and do not clutter up the interior, and it is easy to take care of them. So, if you dream of roman blinds, then it’s time to pick up a tape measure and fulfill your wishes, and how to do it correctly, we will tell you today.
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Curd Cheesecakes Like a Sadik: A Step-by-Step Recipe

The main secret of cooking such cheesecakes is the correctly chosen proportions. If you do them strictly according to the recipe, they will definitely come out. Essential products cottage cheese - 400 g sugar - 1 tbsp vegetable oil (for frying) egg - 1 pc wheat flour - 40 g salt - pinch Start cooking.
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